Communications Strategies & Consulting

Leverage your data into an effective, responsive customer communications strategy!

Fast, flexible, cost-efficient client communications. Leverage your customer data into an effective communications strategy! Since 1995, Vincent Associates has been helping clients turn this often hidden resource into marketing gold. We’ll show you how to create highly effective digital and conventional mail communications campaigns to support your CRM and marketing objectives.

We offer complete marketing services including these key elements:

  • Email communication is an integral part of any marketing campaign. Vincent Associates’ team of experts and in-house designers will work with you to generate compelling emails, designed to grab maximum attention and deliver maximum response.

    We never use templates. Every email we design is customized to support and enhance your brand, differentiate you from your competitors and generate the desired response objectives – whether it’s click-throughs to a splash page, demographic data gathering or sales promotion.

  • Email can play a key role in your client communication strategy. Successfully deploying and managing your email campaigns can boost your business and help you reach your customers more effectively.

    Vincent Associates has substantial experience in the deployment and management of mass email campaigns. Ensuring the lowest number of bouncebacks and highest open rates are just two areas of our expertise.

    Our secure emailing process is fully compliant with current privacy legislation and policies, including Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).

  • A critical element in determining the success of an email campaign is the analysis of the results. At Vincent Associates, we strive to identify value for our clients. With a proven history of email design, deployment and back-end analysis, we accumulate data and provide feedback on the important metrics of each email deployment.
      Here are just some of the metrics we can track for you:
    • Total Sent
    • Delivered and undelivered
    • Total and distinct opens
    • Unsubscribes
    • Click-through target identification
    • Distinct click-throughs
    • Total click-throughs

    Our solution tracks the success of each campaign side-by-side. This allows you to develop a deep understanding of your clients’ behavior, interests and motivations and helps to identify the aspects of your campaign that worked best. The results are then used to further refine and more effectively target your next campaign.

  • While digital communications form the backbone of today’s marketing strategies, direct mail still offers an effective and tested method of reaching target demographic groups. Applying cutting edge data management tools, advanced digital list selection techniques and state-of-the-art lettershop services can create the biggest bang for your direct mail buck.

    At Vincent Associates, we offer top-shelf direct mail and lettershop services that can coordinate with and enhance your internet, social media and email communication efforts. We are well versed and compliant with all Canada Post rules and regulations.

  • Our highly experienced and professional translation department can translate your Web site, marketing and advertising material and complex documents for all types of products, services and industries.
"Vincent Associates is the secret sauce in our customer service mix. In 1996, the Vincent team designed and developed our customized CRM program called The Lifeline, which tracks customer purchases, allowing for segmentation and tightly targeted marketing initiatives. Vincent Associates’ on-going management of this program as well as their technical expertise, retail experience and sensible approach have assisted us in providing a level of customer service unsurpassed in the retail industry."
"Our company, Panoptika, has been working with Vincent Associates for over a decade. The Vincent Associates team treats our clients with the same level of care and concern as their own. What has impressed us the most is that they have maintained their entrepreneurial spirit as they have grown, always looking for novel solutions to customers’ challenges. Whether it is data management, organizational analysis and mapping, or email program development, Janny Vincent, Heather Hudakoc, and their team deliver products and services that make us proud to recommend them."
"I have worked with Vincent Associates for the last six to seven years. They have been outstandingly reliable, innovative and appreciate a challenge. They have consistently delivered and have allowed me to outsource my IT and information needs to a good partner. I would highly recommend them."
"We engaged Vincent Associates in 2009 to do a security audit. The relationship has grown since then and Vincent has developed for us a patient management system and helped to align our use of technology with our business practice. We appreciate their consultative style and their common sense approach to solution development. We would recommend them highly."
"Vincent Associates built and hosts our website and continues to support us for email delivery, list management and Moneris integration. Their staff is responsive, professional, innovative and always current on the latest technologies that are appropriate for our needs."