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Privacy Policy

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Vincent Associates is in the data management and consulting business. So we take your privacy and the security of your data very seriously. Above and beyond our own rigorous safeguards, we continually monitor privacy laws so that we are always fully compliant with Canada’s Federal Privacy Law as specified in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Here are our policies.

  • Identifying purposes

    Vincent Associates is aware of the necessity of informing customers regarding the purposes for which their information will be collected, used and disclosed. Any such information received by Vincent Associates Inc. and maintained on behalf of specific clients is used for those clients’ specific purposes only.
  • Consent

    Vincent Associates is aware of the necessity of obtaining consent from their customers for the collection of personal information. Such consent is recorded in the customers’ record within the specific client’s database.
  • Limiting collection

    The collection of personal information by Vincent Associates on behalf of our clients is limited to that which is appropriate and reasonably necessary for the identified purpose.
  • Limiting use, disclosure, and retention

    Vincent Associates does not disclose personal information for purposes other than for our clients’ intended use. Such information is maintained only as long as is necessary for the individual client’s purposes.
  • Accuracy

    Vincent Associates ensures that information collected and maintained on behalf of its clients is accurate, complete and up-to-date.
  • Safeguards

    Vincent Associates has implemented physical, organizational, and technological measures to protect the personal information in its custody.
  • Openness

    Vincent Associates is committed to making specific information about its privacy policies, practices and procedures readily available to individuals upon request.
  • Individual access

    Vincent Associates will provide an individual, only upon request and only with permission from the associated client, with access to his or her personal information in Vincent Associates’ custody or control, subject to the removal of personal information about other individuals and subject to legal or contractual constraints.
  • Challenging compliance

    Vincent Associates has established processes and procedures to respond to and investigate any complaints received.
  • Questions?

    Heather Hudakoc
    Chief Privacy Officer