Visualizing Invisible Relationships

Netview’s interactive network maps allow for dynamic visualization and interpretation of important organizational data. Utilizing interactive maps allows you to focus on and analyze the key relationships that are crucial for your organization’s success. Netview allows you to create customized network maps to help you make the right decisions by determining:
  • Do you have the right organizational structure?
  • Which departments are collaborating together?
  • Where can you increase efficiency and productivity?

Netview’s analytical ability allows you to analyze your employee networks and examine their informal relationships. By understanding these relationships, it can assist in the diagnosis of organizational problems and offer solutions to improve organizational performance by determining:
  • Who are the informal leaders?
  • Who are the collaborators, innovators or problem solvers?
  • Who to groom for future leadership positions?

Netview does not require any installation. All network maps, reports and participant responses are contained within Netview. No special software or licenses are required. Netview is designed for easy use and full training courses are provided.
  • No installation required
  • Designed for end user
  • Customized training courses

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